BLURT - Free voice messaging app    

The Easiest Way To Communicate


Got something to say? Say It. Blurt makes communicating with friends, family, or anyone as fast and simple as speaking.

Use Blurt to talk with someone privately, or set up groups of people (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Classmates, etc) who can all talk with each other.

The unique “BLURTstream” feature plays your incoming messages automatically as they arrive. Be part of a group conversation just by listening.

Faster than phone calls:

  • No busy signals
  • No long-winded callers
  • No waiting for pick up or voicemail
  • No dropped or garbled calls
  • No telemarketers

Easier than texting:

  • Faster to talk than type
  • No hand cramps from typing
  • No fighting with spellcheckers
  • Blurting is safe while walking
How does Burt work? Blurt in action:

Take The Blurt Time Challenge

"I'm stuck in traffic and can't make it by 10:00 o'clock.
Can we reschedule for sometime this afternoon around 2 pm?"

How to use Blurt. A sing-along video:

The All-New BLURT-Blurt It Out! app features at a glance...

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